Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Can You Identify the Designer?

I've been admiring a mermaid pattern on eBay for some time. However, the eBay sellers who are selling this mermaid kit are located in Asia and routinely sell kits they've put together which I know are copyright violations. The copyrights belong to Mirabilia, Lavender & Lace, etc., and at this point, the kits I've seen this eBay seller put up for auction have been items that have never been legally available as kits. So I highly suspect the mermaid kit I like is also a copyright violation.

What's more, I have written to the eBay seller to ask who the designer is. The eBay seller claimed it is a Mirabilia pattern. The fact that this mermaid is definitely NOT a Mirabilia design is another strong indication that this mermaid kit violates copyright law.

I want to know who the designer is so I can buy the pattern legally and support that designer, but I have no idea who the designer actually is. Also, I want to be able to kit the pattern myself, so that I know I can trust the materials, rather than buying what may very well be shoddy materials and an almost certainly illegally copied chart through a rip-off artist who charges ridiculous amounts for shipping and whose eBay ID changes regularly -- probably due to being shut down by eBay for selling shoddy kits which violate copyright.

Therefore, I'm asking for your help. If anyone knows the designer of this mermaid or where I can purchase it, I'd very much appreciate the information. And please feel free to ask anyone you know who might know who the designer is to check out this post as well. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

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