Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Got A Needlework Gig!

I have some thrilling news I haven't had time to tell you until now:

I've been the Needlework Editor for Needlework News at for a month now. It's a lot of fun -- but keeping me very busy!

Please visit me there, too, and let me know your thoughts and ideas. The information I'll post on will usually be different than what you'll find here. Although I'm sure there will continue to be some overlap, I think you'll notice a difference in my "voice" between the two places. My CraftGossip voice will be more excited and enthusiastic, as if we're shopping together in a wonderful LNS with lots of hard-to-find, out-of-print charts!

The Needle's Bewitching Eye will remain my personal blog. My voice will be more meditative and contemplative -- my "stitching voice." The majority of pictures of my finished stitching will be posted here, not on CraftGossip. Instead of posting an SBQ answer in both places, I will generally post my answer here; I may post it on CraftGossip (and not here) when the SBQ topic seems to fit in better content-wise over there. When I do post something to both sites in answer to an SBQ, it will be because I have different information to share in each place.

So please bookmark both; I think you'll find it worthwhile!

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