Sunday, August 19, 2007

I Hope You Dance

I took this picture of My Treasures Workstation (pattern by Just A Thought from Judy Odell) while it was on display during the 2007 National Counted Cross Stitch Show (NCCSS) competition.

Interestingly, this piece received both my highest score (from Betsy Evans), as well as my lowest score (from infamous pottymouth Eileen Bennett). The difference between the highest and lowest scores was 14 points, and based on the two judges' comments, their scores were based specifically on the workmanship of my stitches.


Lady Periphaeria said...

Waiting to read more.

In general I am interested of the workmanship issue as on my eye your workstation is neatly stitched and finished... and it's beautiful. :)

Susan said...

If there's that much difference in two judges, then something is wrong! From what I can tell, this is beautifully stitched and finished nicely (just like LP said - maybe we should be judging!).