Sunday, October 14, 2007

Two Weeks for the Post of One

This is week 244:
  1. Cluster :: What a bunch of women do when they are talking about someone
  2. Announcement :: News
  3. Respect :: Lacking
  4. Incident :: a situation which has as much chance to end up on a police report or as some other part of your permanent record, as it does to become one of those stories you won't tell your kids (or the children of anyone else in your generation for whom you are supposed to be setting a good example) -- at least not until those kids are grown-ups with kids themselves
  5. Accordion :: an instrument rarely seen played which looks both silly and interesting ... and which you kind of want to try playing but for some reason you aren't entirely sure of, would not actually want anyone to see you trying to play
  6. Drunk :: Frat boys
  7. If :: only, which are the first two words of the most common phrase I heard growing up: "If only you'd never been born, ... " Like I somehow had any choice or blame in the matter.
  8. Dexter :: Shoe (I haven't seen the TV show because we don't have that channel ... Should I? Would it make me feel better about myself or my life to see a show about a "nice" serial killer? Can I sic him on certain people?)
  9. Wedding :: An event which is supposed to be special and about the bride and the groom, but almost always ends up being about everyone else and anything but special. It will be unforgettable, though.
  10. Gambling :: I probably could have said Gambling after Wedding instead of what I did, but without saying what I did, you wouldn't have understood why I could have said Gambling. :)

Here, in a more timely fashion (It's difficult to keep on track when you have an improperly sealed lumbar puncture causing all kinds of wacky symptoms for you ... then add your MIL having an angioplasty followed by open heart surgery to confuse the days even more, especially when you're not done grieving over your FIL's untimely death, and it's amazing anything at all happens anywhere near on time anymore!), is Week 245:

  1. Illicit :: Insurance (I guess because of the way they tend to do anything they can to NOT pay out when any reasonable person would agree that they should.)
  2. Go :: Green
  3. Jacket :: Spring
  4. Blow :: Wind
  5. Coach :: Baseball
  6. Effort :: Work, Try, Attempt
  7. Leadership :: Something sorely missing from the current US Republican administration (And please remember, Zooomabooma, that this is MY free association, Linknot yours. Obviously, since we have different political opinions about this current administration, if our free associations lead us to think of this political administration, entirely different words will lead us there, or the same word will lead us to say entirely different things. Since this is free association, by definition, it's pretty useless to argue about it.)
  8. Snore :: DH !!!!!
  9. Fearless :: Strawberries (it's because of the movie, Fearless, which is one of my favorites)
  10. Network :: Why, the Independent Fiber Network, of course!

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