Monday, November 20, 2006

I NEED Some of These!!!

If I had any artistic or designing talent of my own, I'd make something like the T-shirts available from Dancing Violet Designs' Cafe Press Site.

But I have no artistic or designing talent of my own, which is why I'm a stitcher and not a designer, so instead, I'm going to buy some of Dancing Violet's awesome cross stitch-related T-shirts.

Maybe you'll see something you like, too?


Nelapx said...

if this embroidered uses waste canvas, takes a design and embroiders with on one franela… if it is a painted design, easy hut something that you wish to add to one T-shirt there are a photo, or uses a program (pcsthtics) exports diseƱo in jpg, soon it prints in a transferable sheet of paper as Epson (Iron-on Transfer Paper) and places the design on the t-shirt and obtendras the shirt to your affability…

stitchwitched said...

Thanks, Nela ... I've used waste canvas like this before, too. But the thing I love about these T-shirts is that I don't have to stitch them to have "the look" and communicate my love of stitching to others by what I'm wearing. Then I can save my stitching time for other things. (I'm reluctant to wear or otherwise use a lot of my own stitching because I want it to last as long as I do.)