Monday, December 18, 2006

Another Project Framed ...

There is more progress on Brightneedle's Lady's Collection; in fact, I'm almost done with the stitching. I was sidelined for a few weeks by a nasty cold and then a pulled muscle in my back, but I'm back to stitching again.

However, what I want to share with you at the moment are these little guys:

This is Black Sheep, copyright 2002, by Joy of the Needle. I stitched it using the three (yep, just three!) DMC threads called for in the chart on 28 count China Pearl Jobelan from Wichelt.

I actually stitched this while on pain killers post-surgery a year ago with the intention of it being a gift for someone last Christmas. Then I wasn't really up to framing it, and wasn't allowed to drive to go frame shopping for a while anyway, so it will be a gift this year.

I just love the frame, and it even came with the mats. The colors went perfectly with the thread colors used in the design. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, although I discovered while trying to center the stitching in the frame that I had apparently cut one of my fingers on the glass ... I rushed to get it into the frame without leaving any telltale bloodstains, LOL. As a result, it's not as well centered as I'd like, but that fits the design, and so I've left it this way.

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