Friday, December 22, 2006

Yule Project

My husband's gift is done, but I need a day with good light to take a picture of it before I can share it with you.

Wanting to stitch rather than work on finishing Brightneedle's Lady's Collection yesterday, I started and completed a fun little project: The Orange Brew Bag, copyright 2006, from Shepherd's Bush. This came as a kit with the already made burlap bag, which was somewhat difficult to stitch on because it's rather small, making it difficult to get my hand inside. I'm usually a stab stitcher, but I quickly gave up stabbing on this project and sewed instead. Texture-wise, the burlap wasn't all that pleasurable to stitch on, though it reminded me of an early stitching project I did in grade school on similar fabric. I tied the moon button on by making a bow from two of the threads that came in the kit and like the effect; I'll have to use this technique again.

I'm not sure if or how I'll use this bag, as it's not very big. I had something in mind for it, but it's too small, so for now, I'll just admire it. ;>)

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Anonymous said...

bag says ''brew'' so how about utting coffee beans or packets of small instant coffee in it?