Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Charlatan Exposed (originally posted on CraftGossip 6/3/07)

It took Butch Phillips over seven weeks to put a link to CraftGossip on Rockome's website with regard to all the work I was doing for the National Counted Cross Stitch Show (NCCSS). He kept saying his "web guy" had so many other things to do that putting up one link, which would have taken about thirty seconds, just wasn't on Mr. Phillips' list of priorities.

However, Mr. Phillips has managed to remove that link after only a bit over a week has passed. Don't you think this proves he could have put UP the link a lot faster than he did?

By the way, putting up that link to me on CraftGossip was part of my initial payment agreement with him. Because he'd renegged on ALL of that payment agreement, I had stopped working for him by the time he finally did get around to putting up that link. He has yet to come through on any of the other elements of our payment agreement, and, of course, there is no way to calculate the amount of traffic and revenue I lost by his not linking to me much earlier as he should have done.

Meanwhile, all the work I did for him remains intact and online on CraftGossip, and stitchers continue to visit that information. I hear that enrollment in classes and Country Evenings is up to 200 individual students -- and that's thanks to the hard work and long hours I put in ... But I'm not asking for thanks; I'M DEMANDING THE PAYCHECK TO WHICH I'M ENTITLED.

I still haven't received it. I'll let you know if and when I ever do, and what had to be done to get it. My complaints to the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) for non-payment of wages, as well as for not being paid even minimum wage or overtime wages as the law requires, were mailed last week. The laws IDOL enforces will require that I be paid significantly more than Mr. Phillips and I had originally agreed to, so he would have done well to have just paid me back when he was supposed to, or at least when I first began asking for it.

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