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Copyright Violations -- One Example (originally posted on CraftGossip 6/2/07)

As you all know, I was the Show Director for the Rockome Gardens' National Counted Cross Stitch Show (NCCSS) from 4/7/07 through 5/30/07. Because the management and owners of Rockome Gardens refused to pay me for work performed, I resigned from that position.

I am the Needlework Editor on the Needlework Blog on CraftGossip.

Since 4/7/07, I posted numerous items on CraftGossip related to the NCCSS, including detailed NCCSS class descriptions.

I have contacted Yahoo to remove the YahooGroup located here because my copyright has been violated by Adana Adams. Every last one of the NCCSS class descriptions I wrote and put on my CraftGossip blog has been copied word for word and put into Word format on that YahooGroup by Ms. Adams.

The original class descriptions I wrote are all easily accessed here.

I am the author of the unquoted portion of each of these documents, and that content belongs solely to me.

With Rockome Gardens Mayor Butch Phillips' permisson, I quoted from the 2007 NCCSS Show Book; that content, of course, belongs to Rockome Gardens and the NCCSS.

CraftGossip is the only location on the Internet where all NCCSS information is supposed to be available with the possible exception of Rockome's website. Rockome's website is linking to my CraftGossip blog even now after I am no longer the NCCSS Show Director partly because this is the only site where that information is available to the public, and partly because their linking to my CraftGossip blog was part of the original payment terms of my contract for working for the NCCSS.

The pictures belong to the individual designers whose classes are being advertised.

At no time has anyone asked for permission to use MY writing on the YahooGroup Rockome_NCCSS, and I have not even been credited for it.

I first became aware of these multiple copyright violations through this message posted by Adana Adams, who is a moderator in that group, and who has violated my copyright in the past such that I have learned to keep tabs on her:

From: adana69
Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 11:26 AM
Subject: [SPAM] [Rockome_NCCSS] Re: I created albums for each teacher....

Thanks Cindy for all the work you've done on the site to get it up to speed. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

I worked into the night uploading, downloading, formatting and inviting stitchers to the group and see this morning that several have come onboard. WELCOME!

This morning I uploaded class pictures in the photo section of the site for some of the instructors. If I didn't do your section and you would like me to, please contact me. If I did your section and you're not happy with it, please feel free to delete what I've done or ask me and I will.

I've also put all the class info with pictures (from another site) into word documents and uploaded those to the file section. Again I've only done certain instructors (please don't read too much into this as I'm willing to do more but only if asked).

Also in the FILES section you'll find the forms needed to enter under 2007 ENTRY FORMS along with other misc information. I'd like to thank Butch for his efforts in getting this site up and running and for the access he has given myself and others.

adana69 (at)

In her message, Ms. Adams says: "I've also put all the class info with pictures (from another site) into Word documents and uploaded those to the file section." Her words, "(from another site)" are the only credit she gives me for the work I did in authoring those documents; this is NOT proper credit. Furthermore, Ms. Adams never requested my permission to use the work I created in this way.

I do not now, nor will I ever give permission for MY writing to be used on the Rockome_NCCSS YahooGroup by Ms. Adams or anyone else ... or anywhere else by Ms. Adams.

Just to be clear, please compare Ms. Adams' document titled "MARY KNAPP.doc" with the corresponding post I made on CraftGossip. Please skip down to the second class, Night Fire. “Fire up with this 4-way Bargello using warm colors and beads. A bright star in the dark night you create with silk floss on black congress cloth ... ” is in quotes, as I put it in quotes while typing it because it is from the 2007 NCCSS Show book.

However, the text which follows shortly afterward is NOT in quotes because it is my own writing. It is MY copyrighted writing, and this can be proven by the fact that my inadvertent spelling error wasn't even corrected by Ms. Adams ("simply" should have been "simple"):

Isn’t this simply beauty just lovely? I think it would make a lovely holiday piece if you didn’t want to hang it up year-round, and it really looks like there isn’t all that much stitching to be done … So if the black seems intimidating to you, don’t let that get to you. Give this one a try; I bet you won’t be sorry!

Every last one of the files Adana Adams put up on the Rockome_NCCSS YahooGroup describing the classes being offered at the NCCSS is a copyright violation of my writing on CraftGossip. By doing so, she has not only stolen my work, but she has also stolen potential readers -- equating to potential dollars -- out of my pocket.

I have already made appropriate legal contacts to protect my copyrights.

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