Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th = Feminist Field Day

When confronted with this picture,

the best text could come up with was this:

Chinese visit a four-story, free-of-charge public restroom in Chongqing, China Saturday July 7, 2007. They're flushing with pride in a southwestern Chinese city where a recently opened porcelain palace features an Egyptian facade, soothing music and more than 1,000 toilets spread out over 3,000 square meters (32,290 square feet). Officials in Chongqing are preparing to submit an application to Guinness World Records to have the public restroom listed as the world's largest, state-run China Central Television reported Friday.(AP Photo)

and they ran it under the title:

China debuts opulent public restroom

Say what?

(It was the #1 picture on Yahoo on Friday, July 13th, which is how I came up with the title of this post.)

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