Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On Rounds (originally posted on CraftGossip on July 18, 2007)

To the untrustworthy bobbleheads who destroyed the opportunity I had to work with CA Wells with the tactless taps of your keystrokes, the game's over.

Regardless of your intentions toward me, it was foolish and cruel for you to steal away from stitchers in the Midwest an opportunity to take classes with CA.

You realize I shared my excitement with you about working with CA only in the STRICTEST CONFIDENCE. Of course you do; that's what made your violation of that confidence so exceedingly delicious!

Somehow you took my two sentences totaling seventeen words, and by the power of blue whale testicles, decided to out-scoop ME. I would OBVIOUSLY have made the announcement at the appropriate time on MY CraftGossip blog. This blistering betrayal was another perfectly planned and perfectly executed element in the perfect crime.

You are a moronic loon to have contacted CA Wells for more details -- except you were intentionally destroying this opportunity in order to hurt me. The surest way to accomplish this was to bother the incredibly popular, extremely busy, absolutely #1 in demand needlework teacher/designer with direct emails. Ticking off CA was easily achieved by involving all your hollaback girlfriends in the project. Extra credit was awarded for the request that CA teach a Betsy Morgan piece.

After the more than thirteen hours mostly wasted in two different ERs Tuesday, I don't have time or spirit left for you -- or much of anything else, for that matter.

Now, please give the link to this post (that link is ) wherever you've already spread the first bits of your now false advertising -- and please at least have the decency to quote me accurately this time.

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