Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Needlework vs. Tampons

CraftGossip doesn't understand needlework, and wanted "craft news."

My writing is of a higher class.

Best of luck to anyone who might want the job, but be forewarned Shellie didn't consider ANY of my posts craft-related. It's true; none were about tampons. Of course, as the co-founder of CraftBits, which has no needlework projects at all, Shellie has no idea what a needlework project IS or why stitchers don't care to discuss tampons.

(Perhaps I was wrong to think it was all just string.)

I am venturing out on my own. Please stay tuned to The Needle's Bewitching Eye or email me for updates.


Lady Periphaeria said...

I have to say that I am appalled by the behaviour of your boss(es).

Even more when they are now completely removed all your posts... I can recall only one non-needlecraft related post from you and that had to do with the copycats...

Some people... *rolls her eyes until they fall off*

This is a sad day for needleworking community of internet.

Anonymous said...

Do you think there would be interest in a pattern for cross stitch tampons ??? Now that would make a novelty gift !
Big hugs,

Cyndi said...

This takes me back to when I was 8 - and didn't know better - and took my mother's cardboard tampon applicators and gave them faces, hair, and red gowns. I then lined them up like a church choir, and thought it was quite clever of me. I didn't realized until many years later why Mom and Dad were so quick to destroy my wonderful project.