Friday, July 27, 2007

A Quick Update for All the Visitors

Wow! I never get this much traffic here ... Hi!

I am working diligently on getting my new business home ready and hope to be able to announce it's location within just a few days. I'll be continuing on with the type of thing I had started doing at CraftGossip, especially after getting emails from so many of you who've told me just how much you appreciated what I was doing.

Thank you for those, too -- it's always nice to hear that you've accomplished what you set out to do, and it turned out I was actually doing that myself ... But I didn't actually hear those words until you were worried I might disappear. (Don't worry -- *I* always knew there was never a chance of that happening because I had fallen in love with what I was doing and know it has a value to the stitching community.)

Also thank you so much to everyone for your emails and even phone calls of support. They've been fantastic as well, and I really want to contact each of you for permission to publish the things you have all written about copyright because each of you did such a wonderful and eloquent job talking about what copyright means to your life.

I also would be remiss if I did not publicly say that CraftGossip paid me promptly and in full -- as far as I know, anyway (a grand total of $50.74 for about six months of work) -- and I have no hesitation in saying that while they were extremely confused about copyright law, they showed themselves to be generally honest and decent people by meeting their financial contractual obligations to me in a very timely and professional manner.

Last, I want you all to know that I am doing okay. I am very, very tired. But I am really quite excited about this and not unhappy at all about how things have worked out. It's quite nice for a change, too! :)

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Lady Periphaeria said...

Maybe that fuss was, in the end, good publicity for you. ;)
As they say "there's no such thing as 'bad reputation'."

I'm waiting to see your new place in 'net!