Saturday, September 29, 2007

Something Different Again

Time for another week of unconscious mutterings (week 243) ... Now that this is becoming a habit rather than something different, I need to think of a different post title ... Suggestions are welcome.

  1. Crook :: George W.

  1. Career :: Pressure

  1. Freckles :: Shoulders

  1. Scramble :: Eggs

  1. Mistake :: Opportunity

  1. Telephone :: Communication

  1. Thank you :: Dr. Lynne Johannessen

  1. Obstruction :: Dad

  1. 24/7 :: Exhausted

  1. SciFi :: Really LOOOOOOOOONG books written by authors who badly needed editors to restrict them to a certain number of pages, and to instruct them to name their characters something pronounceable


Gracie said...

Oh I really like your responses this week! Thanks for making me laugh

Kwizgiver said...

You've explained why I don't like SciFi literature!! I didn't realize that's why but your answer makes total sense!

Sorry about your Dad's hospital experiences.

Zooomabooma said...

Is that supposed to be George W. Bush?

Who did he steal from? I've been searching everywhere for some evidence that he's a crook but I couldn't find anything except heresay, rumors, etc. Have you got some good proof?

stitchwitched said...

To Zooomabooma, who doesn't seem to know that this list is a list of MY free associations,

A *LOT* more things make someone a crook than stealing. And I think it's quite obvious from your comment that our entering a political discussion would be a waste of time for us both.

The only reason I'm responding at all is to ask why you would try to pick a fight with someone who is obviously still in the immediate stages of grieving for her father-in-law, a man she loved so much she called him, "Dad"? What is it in people that makes them be so unkind as you are being right now?

By the way, the correct spelling of the word is hearsay.

BookGal said...

I loved the George W. answer ... and yes it is free association. I feel the same way about most sci fi books.